Our backyard farm.

Here are some pictures of our backyard. The possibilities are endless when you get creative. We have used our space to the best that we can.

This is our garden. We have an endless battle with rocks because of where we live. You can see Zach taking a break from trying to get a 300lb rock out of the garden since we expanded it down. Zach 1 Rock 0!!

This is our nursery area for the meat birds. They are next door to the hens who we are intergrading into our flock, but turned out to love the meat birds since they are my little broody hens. I have small netting up in the middle and let them over to “visit” the golden girls Martha and Abagail. We carry the golden girls out into our movable tractor during the day. 

This is our garage (with star) which houses the nursery. To the right is the main coop with the run extending underneath the stairs. Zach built the front so I can open it up and walk in to clean. In front is the movable tractor. This houses the golden girls until they become used to our main flock. Then this will be used for our meat birds in about 2 weeks. Last, we have Rosie our rabbit to the left. She is our fertilizer for the garden. Our garden is situated to the left.

Last, this is the compost area. When I clean out the nursery area, I literally throw it out the window. We keep the windows open and the fan going for ventilation inside the garage. Everything is close together to make it easier to get things done. 

As you can see our yard gives us veggies, fruit, eggs, and meat. All on 1/8 acre. The other half my children have a pool, swing set, and area to run around. We also have a ton of rocks in case anyone is interested 😉