The moment you realize.

It was  3 o’clock in the morning when Zach came into our bedroom. He had been up since I had gone to bed working on his grad school work. “Shellee, wake up”. Panicked I sat up in bed and asked if everything was alright. “I want to farm” he says. Now, we had started a garden that ended up in a shaded area, we grew weeds in the new garden we planted the following year, and even though I knew we both liked the idea of homesteading/farming, he waited until 3am to tell me that?! I laugh now because that is how it sometimes happens. Something in your brain just clicks and you realize you can choose this whole other life and although it’s incredibly difficult, it’s incredibly rewarding.

He never continued on with finishing up grad school. It wasn’t his passion. He missed out on family time and that was something he was not willing to give up. That moment changed everything for us. We really dove into this completely foreign world to us. Up until that point we never thought about where our food came from, what was in our food, how animals were treated, but above all, how to learn to slow down and enjoy the little things together as a family. This has shaped us today. Life has thrown us many curve balls along the way. And sometimes, it will be hard to get back on your feet. But, you just keep going. If you stay faithful to whatever it is you’re pursuing, you will get there when the time is right. I feel us moving in that direction. I feel that this is the direction our family is supposed to be going. You just need to be realistic as to where you are in your journey and see what skills you an learn in the meantime.