Poop Soup.



WHAT? Yes, I said it. Poop Soup. Now don’t be scared, I don’t feed it to my children. But, I feed it to every plant that goes into my garden. When we plant our plants, before sticking the plant into the ground, we add some if this poop soup to the soil. We will also add some to the base of plants when needed. I’m talking about rabbit compost. Rosie, who we saved from death, serves a great purpose on our little farm. We have her back by the garden in an open bottom cage which allows her droppings to fall down below. We then collect them in a 5 gallon bucket and fill it 1/3 way with poop and the rest with water. Let it sit for a few days to work its magic. Then you take it and pour it around the base of the plant (avoiding lettuces or any root crops). You will see a difference overnight. Rabbit compost is full of nitrogen and phosphorus. It has brought plants back from the almost dead for us. Last year, we thought for sure we were going to lose our bean plants. So we decided to throw some “poop soup” on. And lo and behold they came back! I filled my freezer last year with the highest yield of beans we have ever seen. If you don’t have access to rabbits, ask around. I’m sure someone is willing to give you their rabbits poop. Or look online. Believe it or not, you can actually buy rabbit compost. Getting a free rabbit off of Craigslist is another option. They can live outdoors with the proper hutch and warmth. You can make the animal work for you. Also, rabbits are territorial creatures. Because we compost this way we never have a problem with the wild rabbits eating our garden. This year we had to put a fence around the garden because our dog Maggie now has access to the entire yard and has a distaste for the UPS truck.

Here is what you will need to make the compost tea:

5 gal bucket

Rabbit manure


Long stick

Old cup

Add 1/3 manure, the rest water, stir, and let sit for a few days. Place at the base of plants.