All around the mulberry bush.


We had a wonderful family weekend. We took the kids to the Cherry Valley Festival in the Poconos. I was totally in my element. They had grass-fed meat, homemade soaps, great exhibits for the kids to get some schooling in, and a herb stand. Plus, they played folk music while you hung out on this amazing farm. The farm is Josie Porter Farm. They raise pastured animals, run a CSA, and also have festivals such as this one throughout the year. What a great experience for all of us.

Zach was also able to get to an auction as well. He got a turkey fryer pedestal for heating up the water for when we butcher chickens instead of having to haul water from the stove. He was also able to score some cage wire for some projects we are thinking about down the road. But my favorite was the galvanized garbage can he got for next to nothing. We needed one to store the chicken feed in, but they can get expensive. Luckily, one was right at that auction and had our names on it!! If you are looking to build the things you may need on your farm, take advantage of auctions. “A penny saved is a penny earned”. You can look right online at websites like Just type in your location. They will give you all the auction and most have pictures as well. We very rarely buy new and this definitely helps keep our budget in check.

Late last night I found something magical in our yard. Back by the garage while I was taking the garbage out I happened to look at the overgrown bush that Zach and I decided to finally take down. I always thought the leaves look familiar to a fruit bush of some sort but never saw anything on it. Well, I went back and peeked around to find mulberries!!! The birds must’ve always eaten them before I had a change to notice. The bush desperately needed to be cut back, but I sat there with Jackson getting off all the ripe mulberries to make mulberry and strawberry pie (Recipe in a future blog). I used the fruit from our yard and it was delicious. I’m so glad we have yet another thing that is producing food for us in our yard and it was back by the garage all these years!!

I also have my Go Pro video camera coming on Tuesday and have a lot of things I want to post on my YouTube channel. Be sure to stay tuned and subscribe!!

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