Always grow more than you need.


You are going to fail….period. Not with everything on your farm/homestead, but you need to know not everything is going to be roses. This is why you should always plant more than you need. You can always can the extras, sell them, or share your harvest with others. We have had a few times where something didn’t grow, or bugs ate it,  and we were kicking ourselves wishing we would’ve planted more for a better chance.

Another thing to think about is to grow something new every year. You’d be surprised when you grow it, how you are more likely to eat it. My husband doesn’t like kale or scallions from the grocery store, but eats them almost daily from our garden. This year we are trying the luffa squash. When left to dry, it turns into a loofah sponge.

So you know to grow more, try something new, but how do you know how much to grow? That depends on what you are looking to gain. I know we have been eating a lot of kale chips so we grew more kale this year, but I scaled back on tomatoes because I know I can get a bunch of them from local areas if needed.

So whether you’re growing a couple tomato plants for sandwiches over the summer, or trying to supplement your year round food, gardening is a learning experience…every year.