Healing chronic pain naturally.

Whether you homestead or not, it’s no secret you need to take care of your body. Life is demanding on our bodies physically and emotionally. But what happens when you have something that is chronic? What happens when you have tried everything and nothing helps? Let me share my story with you.

After my son Jackson, I started to have this nagging pain in my right foot. It got so bad at one point that I had to have X-rays to see if maybe I fractured something. Everything check out ok, but the pain was still there. Eventually, after a few months and enormous amounts of ibuprofen later (which I despised taking), it went away. I just assumed it was this pair of slippers I was wearing and threw them out. 

Fast forward a couple years later. The pain came back. But this time, it radiated up into my leg making it exhausting to walk, take care of kids, etc and all I could think was how am I going to be able to take care of all my spring and summer chores. I could barely walk let alone go running. I needed to do something so I scheduled a podiatrist appointment. 150.00 and a pair of insoles later, I was going to be good as new…..wrong.

Then it dawn on me….gluten. I cut out all gluten from my diet and replaced it with quinoa, vegetables, fruits, etc. I woke up three days later and I had been healed. For the first time in MONTHS I didn’t hurt. So I figured I kicked it. Boy, I was wrong. I decided to eat bread again and BAM! I woke up with pain in my foot. That is when I stopped eating gluten. 

But you say “that’s great, but what am I supposed to eat”? I said the same thing too. With our menu for the week if we had spaghetti one night, I would have spaghetti squash with my meat sauce instead. It turned out it was delicious! I just tailored it around the menu and was no issue. I also noticed that I began to have more energy that I always blamed on having four kids. And I wasn’t foggy brained. Overall, I FELT better. I haven’t had the problem since I changed my diet. I’m not going back. I feel too good to do so!!

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