Processing Day.

I woke up to a dreary day. It’s so humid your skin becomes clammy the second you walk out the door. Zach was in the garage getting it ready. The tarps were down and outdoor cooker we got at an auction was starting to heat the water. The water on our stove was working on boiling, and he was sharpening the knife.

Today our meat birds are ready for processing. They have lived happily for 7 weeks eating organic feed and roaming around like happy little chickens should. They have not seen pain or suffering, nor, have they been stressed. These chickens have been….well, chickens.

We often forget where our food comes from. We forget that the farmer gets up before dawn to start his day. He feeds his animals long before some of us have a cup of coffee. We forget too, where commercial meat comes from. Many want to not think about it and put it out of our minds. I can’t. After years of research, I wanted something different. I wanted my kids to eat differently and I wanted to know where their food came from. So we knew we needed to take matters into out own hands.

I’m not saying that it’s easy. We are not excited about taking a life. You should have compassion for this animal.  You can enjoy farming without enjoying all of farming. But, is the life we chose, and we need to take all of it. We are always thankful by the amount of meat we process and store in the freezer. Nothing gets wasted….nothing. When you grow your own food or raise your own meat, you have a greater respect for everything. My children eat all their veggies because they picked them and helped prepare them. They eat all their meat because they know a life was taken so they could eat healthy food. My kids are young, but they get it.

So we were able to process all of the meat birds. All done humanely. All done with the upmost respect for them. We are grateful for the circle of life. We are grateful that we know that because of them, our family can eat healthy.