My Must Have Essential Oils For Summer.

When summer is in full swing the possibilities of fun just seem endless. They’re picnics, swimming, vacations, hiking, the list goes on. But with summer comes scratches, cuts, bee stings, sunburn, this list goes on as well.

If you know me, it’s no secret our family likes to do things as naturally as possible. This is where my essential oils come into play.

Let me start off by saying, I’m very stubborn. Set in my ways of you will. I thought the people who used essential oils were strange. How could this tiny bottle of highly concentrated lavender get rid of poison ivy, or even better, get my kids to sleep better? I saw no problem in popping some ibprofen and calling it a day. Then my daughter got sick. Really sick. She was so sick and we tried everything except holistic medicine or essential oils. So I started to research and found some things that could help her. And almost like magic they did.

I spent years of research checking out different ways to treat things naturally. Essential oils were a part of it. These are my go to in the summertime.

Lavender– because being one of those “strange people”😊 now, I would be strange not to have it. They always say, when in doubt, put lavender on it. It is antibacterial, anti fungal, it aids in sleep, heals cuts, sunburn, even poison! It’s great for earaches, tummy troubles, depression, and so much more!

Immune Strength– This is great for colds and sickness. It’s great diffused to cleanse the air in your home. It’s even great for cleaning. It is antibacterial and anti fungal like lavender. I always have this on hand. I use this closer towards the end of summer when the season starts changing and sickness comes to town.

First Aid– This is the first summer I tried this out and I’m glad I did! With 4 children now, I feel I need to take a loan out on bandaids!! Let me just say cartoon bandaids are genius! They are making a killing. This oil helps heal “boo boo’s” really fast. I have seen it cut down on the healing time by days. I add it to some unrefined coconut oil and use it as a antibiotic ointment on the cut. Then we stick a bandaid on it and the kids are good to go. 

When using essential oils you want to be aware of some things.

1. Buy from a reputable company. I buy from Native American Nutritionals (no I’m not getting paid). I like the products and shipping is always free.

2. Get yourself a guide on essential oils. This will help you on what oil you need for what problem. That way your not spending a ton of money on oils you may not use.

3. Not every oil can be used on everyone. Some oils should not be used on children, pregnant women, people with allergies. Always educate yourself.

If you were looking to try essential oils, start with lavender. Again, as the go to oil, you will get the most bang for your buck!