Back to Basics

Well, mainly a yard sale to some. We realized we have just entirely too much stuff. We really just want to get “back to basics” and only keep the things we need. When you keep things “simple”, life is just that. All that added stuff in your life acts as luggage and it weighs you down. 

This “experiment” if you will, is freeing. It gave me a lot of time to reflect. I was disappointed with myself, with us. Here we sat with years of stuff we “needed” on a beautiful day that we could be spending by the lake.

On the other hand, we did have stuff that we used quite a bit. Selling it was closing a chapter of our lives, waiting to embark on a new one.

What I learned from this experience was it’s not the things in life that truly make us who we are. It’s that little smile I see in the morning, or the “mommy watch this”, and the trust of my kisses for a boo boo to make it all better. That, that right there is all I need.