How we healed our dogs scratching naturally.

We had tried everything for Maggie. Our Lab/Weimaraner mix has suffered from allergies since we got her 7 years ago. We adopted her when she was 1 from a local shelter. She was on medication at the time for lymes disease, but aside from that, she was a healthy, happy puppy.

Then, in her second year with us we started to notice her breaking out with yeast all over and scratching. She would scratch so bad that she would tear open her skin and she looked miserable.

So on the steroid she went. And again. And again. She was gaining weight, lethargic, ate more, and was miserable. We didn’t know what to do for her. She stopped itching, but her quality of life was slim and null.

The vet would take her off and put her back on the steroid which we were not happy about, but we couldn’t find what was wrong. We switched her food to grain free and made sure she didn’t eat table scraps. It helped, but she still scratched.

The vet put her on a low dose of steroid and she still scratched. It was heartbreaking. I knew something had to give. I went to the holistic pet store that opened in our town and talked to the young man. He knew his stuff. He told me how canned dog was actually the better of the two (dried vs. canned). I put her on venison because I know beef and chicken make her itch. Then talking to two different friends, one suggested flax meal for itching and the other Greek yogurt. Both would reduce itching and put good flora back into her gut. Last, the yeast overgrowth. I did some reading and saw that apple cider vinegar aids with that. So, I tried all of them. And…….it worked!!!! After about a month, I noticed a HUGE difference. She no longer was scratching, she stopped sleeping so much, and she looked happy. She has been eating this way for about 6 months and looks fantastic! Here is what I give her:

1 can Nutripe venison (1/2 morning, 1/2 evening)

1 tbsp Greek yogurt plain (each meal)

1 tbsp ground flax meal (each meal)

1 capful of apple cider vinegar (each meal)

Direction: Add to dog bowl. Yogurt on side. Dog food on other side with apple cider vinegar on top and then ground flax.

Always make sure your dog has fresh water and plenty of exercise.

As for the cost? It costs about 80.00 for the canned food. About 20.00 more than the dry food we had her on. The other medicine the vet wanted to put her on cost 80.00 a month and all it did was block her system from feeling like she has to scratch and came with a ton of side effects. To us, this is money well spent.

Maggie is now a healthy and happy dog. She no longer scratches. Her immunity is back up. She lost weight. She is happy. All from doing it naturally.