It’s Wednesday.

The weather has been beautiful down here. It started out rough.

Last week, we all got sick. The kids were able to bounce back, but Zach got really sick. Bronchitis to be exact. It landed him in the hospital  two times the same day! Luckily, the medication they gave him he is back to normal with just a lingering cough.

Then it was the storm. Hermine was coming through and was trying to foil the first 3 days of vacation. It would mean I would miss seeing my friend and her family since they could only come down on days one and two. Luckily, the storm pattern changed and we were able to come down right on Sunday.

Because of those extra days down here, we have been able to visit Assateague, the park, go crabbing, fishing, and also do some mini golfing. We have been able to have rest time for all in the afternoon so everyone feels refreshed and no meltdowns occur. All in all its been wonderful.

Today is Wednesday. Beach day. I can’t wait to see my little guy Solomon play in the sand. He’s another year older this year so he will really enjoy it!

I absolutely love the beach. I love to relax (as much as I can with 4 kids)!! But, I’m always ready to come home. I miss our easygoing lifestyle. I miss the garden. I miss my chickens!! 

Being away always make you appreciate what you have….

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