The Two Men.

I wasn’t sure how to even title this post. But after something I saw today, I felt compelled to write. 

Let me start this off by saying we all have faults. We all have issues. Some of us come with more “baggage” than others. I am one of those people. So when I see others hurting, I can relate.

I was driving home from a neighboring town tonight when I was sitting at a red light and I happened to glance over and see two men, probably in their 50’s, huddled together. I found it odd at first and then I saw one man stumble back. The other got out a lighter and helped the other man light up this tube. Now, my baggage has never been drugs, but I knew pretty clearly what they were doing. I could’ve looked on in disgust. I could’ve judged them harshly because they are making a poor decision in their life that I would never do. But instead, my heart broke for them. 

We are living in very dark times friends. I have stopped reading the news. It breaks my heart on all the horrible stories that are out there. Just like these two men, they need something to take away the pain. They need a quick fix. The need validation. They need love.

We can search for love in anything. Cars, more money, fame, extramarital affairs, shopping, big lavish things, the list goes on. But just like a drug…you get a high for awhile, but then reality sets in.

When you take a step back and think, what is making you feel so unloved? Are you looking into the right things to find this love, this happiness? Are you filling truly fulfilled by the end of the day?

With things in my life, I know I have struggled. I have an amazing husband, four beautiful children, a roof over our heads. But I was unhappy. You see, back in 2009 I asked the Lord into my heart. I was struggling with being a new mom and being completely and utterly overwhelmed with that. I didn’t know where else to turn because nothing was “fulfilling” me. I cried out to Him and told Him I just couldn’t do it alone anymore. He new exactly what I meant. At that moment my life changed. I found peace, happiness, validation. I felt like I could take on the world!!! 

Over the years, being a Christian, comes with its own struggles. Evil is very real and the devil is out to destroy. He has challenged me many of times, even recently. Sometimes I even feel like God has one arm and the devil the other, and I’m in the middle being pulled. God always wins. He always will. Just like when you will fight to your last breath for your child, He will fight for you. I can always trust that although we are human and we make mistakes, He will always be there to love us. He will always be there to fullfill us. He is the quick fix we need. 

My heart broke for these men because their hurting inside left them with numbing it with drugs. If they could only see what I see on the other side of the pain. 

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6