Homemade Deodorant


Alright, do the test….lift up your arm and smell your armpit. Go ahead, no ones watching. Do you smell? Yes? No? If you don’t, well, you are probably using a deodorant from the store. Did you know they have linked some of those chemicals to cancer? I’m not trying to scare you, just inform you. If you do, well then skip down to the recipe ;).

This recipe is easy, all natural ingredients, and well it works really well too!! This is also cost-effective, so it’s great for people on a budget. I have been making this for years and only takes a few minutes of your time. Here’s how to make your own:

Homemade Deodorant

1/2 Cup arrowroot

2 Tbsp unrefined coconut oil

10 drops of lavender essential oil

Mason jar for storage

Directions: Heat coconut oil until melted (or room temp in summer months). In bowl, add arrowroot and melted oil. Mixed until combined. Add drops of lavender. Continue to mix until you feel it’s all incorporated. Store in air tight mason jar.

When it’s warm out, it will be softer. Some people store it in the fridge. I just leave it out in my bathroom. This is also great for people with sensitive skin. The coconut oil and lavender kill bacteria and heal. Try it and see!!


Homemade Laundry Soap


This is one thing that no matter how you try, you can never get around. LAUNDRY! With a family of 6, let’s just say, 2 loads is a good day. I have so much laundry that I swear the laundry villain sneaks into the house at night and places clean clothes into the laundry baskets.

Enter…..Homemade laundry soap. I realized that making my own soap not only saves money, it’s better for you also.

Soaps on the market have harsh chemicals and leave a residue in your machine. It can also create a build up in your laundry. This only takes a few minutes of your time, and you’ll have 10 gallons of laundry soap!

Here is how I make my laundry soap:

Homemade Laundry Soap

1 Bar of Fels Naptha

1 Cup Borax

1 Cup Washing Soda

2 Buckets (5 gal)


Boiling hot water

Directions: Bring a pot of water to a boil. Grate fels naptha bar into 1 of the 5 gallon buckets. Add boiling hot water to bucket with soap. Stir until dissolved. Add borax and washing soda. Continue to stir until all incorporated. Add half of this mixture into the other bucket. Fill both buckets up with cold water and stir. Let sit overnight. In the morning, stir them one last time. They will set up and become gel like. Place near your machine. Add one cup of soap to the beginning of your wash cycle. Line dry if you can.

The fels naptha makes the clothes smell so fresh. This is also a great place to start if you are looking to make the switch over to trying to do things more self sufficiently. Your clothes will be fresh, clean, and soft!

Pickled Red Onions


These little gems are the money ticket to any picnic this summer. They are great on burgers, salads, sandwiches, the possibilities are endless!! They are sweet and tangy and remind me of pickled eggs, but without the sugar. I use honey for all my sweetener. We are fortunate to have an awesome beekeeper near by. Here’s the recipe so you can have the coolest dish at your next gathering:

Pickled Red Onions

2 Large red onions

1 Cup white vinegar

 2 Tbsp Honey

1/2 Tsp salt

32oz Mason jar

Saucepan of boiling water (about 3 cups)

Directions: Peel onions and slice thin. Put in a colander and pour the boiling hot water over them to speed up the pickling process. Place into mason jar. Next, in a bowl mix vinegar, salt, and honey until honey is dissolved. Pour mixture into mason jar. Place lid on top and let sit on the counter for a couple of hours, then transfer to the refrigerator. They taste better the longer they sit. Stores for a week (if they last that long)!! Enjoy!!

You may need to adjust the vinegar and honey to your tastes. We like it a bit tangy so if you like it sweet, add a bit more honey 🙂

How to Clean a Chicken Coop.

Cleaning a chicken coop can be as easy as cleaning a litter box. When you use sand it locks in moisture and smell. They can also use it for dust bathing. Just use a rake and in five minutes you’ll be done. Simple and easy!! Take a peak at how I clean my coop. Also, check out my  other videos for more information on micro farming!! If you like what you see, please subscribe 🙂